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For All Your Subrogation and Legal Needs


At the Law Offices of Suzanne E. Mayer, LLC, all your subrogation needs are met. As attorneys, we are able to offer a broad and complete range of subrogation services, including:

  • Closed file review - our staff can find subrogation dollars which have been overlooked or otherwise missed. If there is no recovery, there is no fee paid.

  • Negotiation of early settlement - there is often a limited amount of dollars available when an accident occurs. It is therefore imperative that the carrier's needs are represented early in a case to ensure that the subrogation claim is properly protected and a favorable settlement achieved.

  • Arbitration - our arbitration filings are prepared by attorneys who are trained to be persuasive writers and presenters of fact. And each case is personally represented by an attorney at hearing to enhance every opportunity to produce the best possible result for our clients. We participate and appear at hearings at Arbitration Forums, Inc. as well as three-panel and single attorney arbitrations.
  • Litigation - there is no need for outsourcing your case when a claim needs to be litigated. Our firm handles all aspects of subrogation litigation such as Orders to Show Cause to compel arbitration or to reduce an award to a judgment, filing of complaints to protect a statute of limitation, or to litigate the non-arbitration subrogation claim.We have extensive experience in litigating and recovering on complex PIP reimbursement claims, including those based upon the Dram Shop theory. 
  • Post Judgment Relief - when the judgment debtor just won't pay, we can suspend driver's licenses, garnish wages and place liens on real property.

Contact our office so that we can arrange to serve your subrogation needs.